Welcome to the Teksport 2015 Range of Kayaks

We are passionate about paddle-sports, and are renowned for producing a range of high quality, well designed and constructed sit on top and sit in kayaks.

Key members of our team have been involved in high-level kayak competition and as manufacturers of kayaks for over 30 years, giving our customers complete piece of mind in our production skills and expertise.

All of our kayaks are proudly designed and produced in the United Kingdom, and to compliment our in-house expertise we consult with an external team of expert designers. This ensures our ideas are kept fresh and modern - keeping Teksport at the forefront of paddle-sport design

Teksport Info

If you're new to kayaking and are wondering where to start or simply looking for some tips have look through the information provided from the pages listed below.

The 'questions and answers' section will help you decide what sort of kayak will suit you best and also what other kit you'll need.

All our kayaks are proudly made in Denmark.

Teksport Deals

XCITE 260 Surf and Play Kayak

Exceptional stability, easy to maneuver, and effortless to paddle, the Xcite will instantly give you the confidence to search out new adventures.
XCITE 260 Kayak

XCITE 290 Surf and Play Kayak

With the xcite 290, we took the incredibly successful xcite 260 and made it more versatile
XCITE 290 Kayak

XILE 260 Whitewater Kayak

When developing the Xile 260 we threw away the rule book, and designed the boat from scratch to excel at boosting paddlers confidence.
XILE 260 Kayak


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